The RateMyAgent Origin Story

WiFi. Google Maps. Anti-hacking detection.

They changed the way we live, work, move and stay secure — and guess what? They weren’t created by hoodie-wearing technologists in Silicon Valley.

These inventions came out of the booming technology powerhouse of Australia. And from that landscape also grew RateMyAgent, a real estate reviews platform founded in 2014 by friends Mark Armstrong and Ed Van Roosendaal.

The mission of RateMyAgent has always been simple: to help good agents showcase their great work and the results they achieve for their clients.

In the six years since its inception, RateMyAgent has grown to 80% agent market share and collected reviews for 1 in 3 homes sold in Australia; the company is also a publicly listed company on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:RMY).

On the heels of their success in their native Australia, RateMyAgent launched its platform in the U.S. in 2017 and has quickly exceeded initial usage and sign-up goals with American agents, brokerages and MLS’s.

Our leadership team

When growing a company, the only thing more important than expertise is camaraderie. Our team of leaders is comprised of the brightest minds and most dynamic personalities in real estate and technology.

Michael Davey

Chief Executive Officer

What matters to us

RateMyAgent’s ethos is one of transparency and trust. We aim to help agents build strong local reputations. We’re not here to disrupt your livelihood — we’re here to help you become undisruptable in your market.

Our core values

Give a Shit:

We’re passionate about helping agents like you.

Do the Right Thing:

We think beyond our own bottom line.

We Hustle:

Technology moves fast. We help you keep up.

Customer Obsessed:

You’re not a number, you’re a priority.

One Team, One Dream:

We hate hierarchy and embrace collaboration.

We are Straight Up:

We operate with transparency.

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The RateMyAgent platform, where agents can collect and display transaction-backed reviews from current and past clients, is completely free. These reviews are the same for all agents and agencies. We do not alter any statistics, rankings or data based on payments or subscriptions.

How do we make money?

Wondering how a real estate tech company makes money, if they’re not selling leads or claiming commission splits? It’s pretty simple: After you collect your reviews, we offer professional subscription-based tools that help you digitally market yourself to your sphere and beyond. Whether you want to boost your organic SEO or promote yourself on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn around the web or your own website — we have tools that can help you make a stronger splash online.

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