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Ongoing Promoter Campaigns

A new RateMyAgent marketing tool that empowers you to line up multiple monthly Promotions and keep the campaign running all year round.

Launch a campaign
Set & Forget

Line up monthly promotions in advance & keep them running

Display advertising made easy

Turns your reviews & awards into ads that display across the web

Retargeting your customers

Remarkets directly to customers who are researching you

ongoing promoter campaigns dashboard

Why Ongoing Promoter Campaigns?

Promoter is a digital marketing tool by RateMyAgent that converts your reviews and Agent of the Year award wins into digital ads and then promotes them through Google, and other display networks. We call these, Promotions.

Ongoing Promoter Campaigns is a new feature that allows you to add different Promotions to the same campaign that'll automatically change each month and keep them running - set and forget!

Our 12 month guarantee with a $100 + GST weekly spend:

  • ad impressions
    1 million impressions

    We guarantee your digital ads will be seen more than 1 million times by people in your local market.

  • display ad clicks
    1,000 clicks

    We guarantee the review (or award) you promote will be seen on your profile more than 1,000 times.

    "If just 1%" of these convert to properties listed...

  • return on investment
    2,000% return on investment

    If 1 per cent of the 1,000 convert, that’s 10 sales - or $100,000 in commissions (avg. $10k per sale). With a $100 + GST weekly spend, that’s a 1,942% return on investment.

Launch Ongoing Promoter Campaign

We've an FAQ below, but if you need assistance with Ongoing Promoter, submit your details & the team will be in touch:

What is RateMyAgent’s Promoter?


  • How can I find more about Promoter?

  • This feature is accessible to all agents and agencies.

    Promoter Premium (20% more views, more ad templates, promote award wins) is available to all agent and agency subscriptions.

  • Ever been to a website like booking.com and when you leave that site you begin to see booking.com ads all over the place. Well that’s how Google remarketing with Promoter works, but it also targets ads to people who are physically located in your market.

    Promoter does this because it tracks the IP address of the computer (or smart device), works out where it's located and then targets ads to them depending on their location.

    Promoter also uses the 'my market' section of your profile to determine where ads will initially be shown. Then if they click on an ad or engage with your profile in any way we embed their device with a tracking cookie, or a piece of code, so then your ads can be shown or remarketed to that same computer for the next 365 days (there’s saturation levels in place so your ads don’t show to the same device too much).

  • The best results come from spending at least $100 + GST per week, but we encourage you to increase your spend to optimise the reach of your Ongoing Promoter Campaigns.

    There is a minimum of $50 + GST per week - you have the ability to adjust your spend which will increase or decrease the number of times your ad will be displayed to potential vendors.

  • The targeted audience is based on the suburbs entered in my market.

    In partnership with Google Analytics, Promoter uses a two-pronged approach of a device's physical location (in your core suburbs) and searching habits to target market your potential clients.

  • When your potential client clicks through to 'Find Out More' they will be directed to your agent/agency profile with the promoted review pinned to the top of the page.

  • If you can't find the answer you're looking for, please get in touch with one of our Ongoing Promoter experts. Book in a time here.

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