“I was going into the selling process cold.”

Jared, Toowoomba, QLD

Jared chose Joe Ryan to sell his home.

Tell us about the property you were selling.

It was our four-bedroom home in Toowoomba. My wife and I sold it when we broke up.

How did you feel about the process of selling?

I didn’t want to put it on the market at first, but given our situation, there was no choice.

I knew the names of some agencies in town but had never dealt with them, so I was going into the selling process cold. The market was also slow, which didn’t help.

[That said, Jared had a good idea of the kind of agent he wanted.] I was looking for an agent who would get the job done with a minimum of fuss. I also wanted to know what commission they charged, and whether they could provide a high level of service.

Why did you use RateMyAgent?

I’d heard about RateMyAgent through a friend who’d found their agent using the website. I jumped on and had a look. My ex-wife and I narrowed the search down to two agencies: the one we’d originally bought through, and one called myhouse Realty, which had good reviews on RateMyAgent.

When Joe Ryan from myhouse Realty came to talk to us, he seemed more interested in selling the property and he charged a more competitive commission, so we decided to go with him.

I was over-the-moon with Joe. Some problems arose during the selling process and we had to take it off the market temporarily – but Joe understood the situation, was patient and stayed focused on making sure everything was done properly. He also gave us good advice about reviewing the asking price when the house had been on the market for a while.

How did RateMyAgent help you?

RateMyAgent was simple to use. A lot of the information I needed was already there, so I didn’t have to spend a lot of time searching elsewhere.

I found the reviews very helpful, as they talked about the level of service that various agents provided. The really helped the decision-making process.

Would you recommend RateMyAgent, and why?

Yes. All the names, contact details and reviews are there. Some agents also publish their commission rates there, so you have a good idea of who you're dealing with before you contact them.

George & Ema

Everton Hills, QLD

"We found RateMyAgent just as valuable in helping us identify the values that were important to us and the kind of agent we wanted to deal with, as it was in helping us choose the actual agent."

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Valerie & Norman

Port Lincoln, SA

"We were very motivated to sell the investment property, but not being from Melbourne, we didn’t know who the good agents in the area were. The managing agent put it on the market, but nothing happened. We really wanted to get things moving."

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Tinbeerwah, QLD

"I wanted somebody who would be sensitive to our situation and had experience in selling the homes of couples who had split up."

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Beacon Hill, NSW

"I wanted to know that they were really ‘on our side’; that they would work hard for us in a falling market. During past sales I often had the feeling that the agent was on our side before we engaged them but not afterwards."

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Cheltenham, VIC

"I was also reassured by the credibility of the reviews on RateMyAgent. When you’re nervous about selling, it’s great to be able to see the experiences of people who actually sold with a particular agent."

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South Morang, VIC

"Without the objective information from RateMyAgent, I could have got 10 agents in to do appraisals, and I still would have had no idea who was the best one to go with."

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